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Operational Analytics to manage future Cash flows

Updated: Sep 8, 2018

Here is an excerpt of our discussion with Mr. Huy Hoang, Managing Director and Co-founder of SimplyMaid. Check out how a customer driven Organisation is benefitting by implementing Operational Analytics Solutions to measure Key Business Indicators!!

Anshuman: Let’s start by introducing you and your business model to our readers

Huy Hoang: I am the Managing Director and Co-founder of Simply Maid. We are an Australia-based cleaning company that specialises in providing premium residential and commercial cleaning services. Within JUST 60 seconds, you can book a hassle-free and professional cleaner. Our team of trusted and experienced cleaners are on a mission to make cleaning as enjoyable and simple as possible, and that's the way it should be. We offer professional cleaning services all throughout Sydney and have recently expanded to Melbourne and Brisbane. We like to think of ourselves as Sydney's very own super heroes, arriving just at the right time to sort out even the messiest of homes.

Anshuman: Could you talk a little bit more about the kind of Analysis you were looking at ?

Huy Hoang: We are a customer focused business and hence understanding their feedback, ratings, booking frequency, type of services undertaken are very important for us. Also, we are registering a phenomenal growth in the last 2 years and have expanded our business not only in Sydney but also in other cities viz. Melbourne and Brisbane. Accordingly, we always need to know the trend of KPIs viz. Unique customers serviced, Revenue, Average service frequency, retention period, Churn rate etc segmented by various driving parameters viz. Geography, time (Yearly / Quarterly / Monthly / Weekly / Daily), Customer Type, Cleaner Team. This was quite complex and we want it to be fully dynamic viz. at any point of time, I need information on which customers are serviced by which team in which month and how customer rated our services. This kind of analysis really helps me in keeping me not only updated about my business performance but also helps in reinforcing my intuitions and the strategy that needs to be undertaken in the medium to long term.

Anshuman: Can you discuss a little bit more about how you were keep yourself updated with day to day Operations?

Huy Hoang: We keep all our customer information, booking information, payment information and type of services undertaken etc. in a Management information System which is then analyzed in excel to get timely information on my business KPIs. Excel was really a great starting point for me to keep tracking all my KPIs viz. no of jobs, no of regular customers, lost customers, average lifetime value, average service frequency, retention period etc. However, soon I realised that it was taking a lot of time for me and the extent of data visualisation capability or breaking down the data on daily / weekly and other segments is limited in excel.

As it was important for me to get more detailed Operational Analytics which we can just keep refreshing when new Customer data comes, we wanted a more robust and reliable solution.

Anshuman: So, did you get what you were looking for?

Huy Hoang: Yes, it was really amazing of what I received. I really appreciate the way your team has translated the entire business requirement and provided me such analysis in just a matter of few days. The agility shown by the team along with the accurateness of information is super helpful. I would certainly recommend your services for a long-term Analytics support to Startups and SMEs. Now, I have a better understanding of Customer Lifetime Value which is a lead indicator to manage my future cash flows. Thank you for the wonderful services!!

Anshuman: Thanks a lot for your time, Huy it was really amazing working with you!!

Please contact us if you want to see how we can help you.

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