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‘Three’ phased approach for ‘10x’ growth:
  • Growth Consulting

  • Performance Management

  • Financial Planning

Understand the art of Growth from Startup Investors & Mentors

The Context

Every start-up or small and medium business is built on passion, hard work and sacrifice. You put your everything to convert your ideas into reality, convince customers to buy your services/products, build your dream  team, arrange funding, develop supply chain, track your performance and the list goes on. Sometimes after doing all these things right, you feel either you are thriving or lacking a bit. Either ways you wonder whether you can get some external advise either to validate your strategy or to redesign your strategy. Then you realise strategy advisors are either very expensive or meant only for big and established companies.


We at Aays believe, this is absolutely unfair. We help start-ups, small and medium businesses in co-building their business strategy. Be it understanding your complex customer behaviour or optimising complex supply chain or pricing strategy or preparation for funding round, we work with you to provide you tools, mechanisms and advisory to develop a deeper understanding of your business levers. Understanding your growth levers helps you to target your effort and budget effectively. Our tools will help you to track progress of your strategic actions at a regular interval. Based on the outcomes, we help you to re-strategise your future course. We keep it responsive, agile and smart. In short we catalyse your business growth.

We combine technology such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence with human intelligence of our experts to keep it relevant and affordable for you. So that advisory is for everyone. Technology is a great democratiser.

Quick & Effective

Data-Driven Decision

What We Do

Growth Consulting

Whether you have a complex and high volume customer focused business or complex supply chain, understanding your business levers will help you devise the right strategy. We work with you to understand your business model, current challenges and focus areas. With this context, we then analyse your data to provide you actionable suggestions.


We've been able to deliver growth in gross profit in the order of 10x to our clients within 12 months.  

Performance Management

However beautiful the strategy, you should look at the results. You need to make tactical changes along the way to make it impactful. To help you in this

we build an integrated corporate performance management system. So, you can get all your business data (eg. marketing, financial, operational) integrated with industry standard key performance indicators. 

We review your performance at a regular interval and suggest tactical changes.

Financial Planning

Whether you are reporting to your current investor or preparing for a new funding round a financial model is paramount. We build models that can help you make strategic decisions, plans, budgets and raise funds. We model your business assumptions and KPIs in the most effective and dynamic way. These models are always aligned with your goals and integrated with your management reporting systems.


We've helped our clients to raise funding on an average at 3x higher valuation vs previous round.

Industries we cover
Cafe & Co-working Space
Consumer Goods

Who Are We

A team of passionate problem solvers and strategists, who want to help businesses to succeed. We come with over a decade of experience in the business consulting, start-up investing and running start-ups. We have had the privilege of learning from the best people in transformation roles, financial services, investment banks and global consulting firms.

Our founders are early stage investors in more than a dozen of start-ups across Asia, US and Europe. 

About Us


Anshuman Bhar

Managing Partner

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Jamal Al-Dabal

Managing Partner, GCC

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Anshuman Bhar

Managing Partner

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Jamal Al-Dabal

Managing Partner, GCC

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Takeshi Tanaka

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Hanif Joshaghani

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Dwarikanath Patro

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“We use a ton of contractors. They are by far the best find I have had to date. Great high-quality work. The team is awesome in modelling and have deep expertise in how to understand business requirements and how to convert that to sound financial practices for financial data capture, reporting, budgeting and forecasting. I would highly recommend him to anyone.


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