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C-Suites now breathe in data galaxy. In this new era of decision making, C-suites are overloaded with information which are often mashed-up, responsibilities which are often cross functional with fuzzy boundaries.  This creates intense Capacity Bottleneck. From internal approvals to dealing with data savvy investors often requires balancing Intuition with Data-Driven decision making.

While Intuition has no substitute, Filtering out the "Business Insights" can free up a lot of Mind-Space for more strategic decision making to solve the larger issues of your business. 

 At Aays, our Mission is to: 

  • Set up the Winning track for taking Reliable Decisions in a time critical manner

  • Provide on-demand business intelligence at your finger tips.

We have a team of passionate Problem Solvers and Technology Strategists with a decade of experiences of working with C-Suites in financial advisory, Strategic planning and Digital Transformation roles at Multinationals, Financial Services, Investment Banks and Consulting firms.

We specialise in offering an integrated solution to spice up your "Corporate Function" quite seamlessly.

Quick & Efficient

The Team

Pita Dwarikanath Patro
Technology Specialist & Strategy

Dwarika is a technology strategist with close to a decade of experience in professional services industry helping blue chip financial services clients to make right technical investment decisions and building technical capabilities to enable them to take Digital Transformation journey. He is a Bachelor degree in Engineering from IIT-Dhanbad and MBA from Imperial College London.

Anshuman Bhar
Business Intelligence & Data Modeller

Anshuman is a finance & Strategy Professional with Financial Advisory, Consulting & Investment Banking background now assisting companies in implementing Corporate Performance Management system as a part of their business strategies. He has been part of cover 5 corporate transactions viz. M&A, JV, Divestititures. He is a Bachelor degree in Engineering from IIT-Dhanbad and MBA from IIM-Indore.

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